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  • Intake Coordinator

    Rubicon Family Counseling Services
    Job Description
    Part- time job opportunity!
    QUALIFICATIONS:  1. Must have acceptable education; a minimum of high school diploma or a                                                                                                                                                                           
                                            Bachelor’s Degree.
                                      2.  Previous administrative and/or social work experience desired.
    RESPONSIBLE TO:  Administration Supervisor (Tammy Gainey)
    JOB GOAL:  To work as a part of the administrative team in assisting clients receive appropriate and timely services, as well as assisting treatment team members in managing client medical records.
    1. Prepares intake and drug screen packets and other paperwork related to such client activities.
    2.Answers telephone calls, schedules appointments, cash fee receipts; manages client fee payments according to a predetermined fee amounts, follows the organization’s “Corporate Fee Policy” guidelines and procedures.
    3.Abides by all general ethical standards of the organization in all activities with clients and the general public, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all persons.
    4.Assists counselors with typing, reports, making appointments for individual counselors, client re-scheduling etc. and other such duties as assigned by the Supervisor.
    5.Provides other services as directed by administration supervisor
    1. Assures quality of work which is accurate, thorough and neat.
    2.Produces a significant volume of work in a specified time period.
    3.Demonstrate possession of practical/technical knowledge required for the designated job.
    4.Works the required number of hours with punctuality and an overall acceptable attendance.
    5.Follows safety and conduct rules, company policies and procedures.
    6.Demonstrates ability to work cooperatively with co-workers, supervisors and outside contacts.
    7.Demonstrates good judgement in making decisions.
    8.Develops such internal and/or other reports as may be required.
    9.Assures in all activities and services, the protection and promotion of the human rights, dignity and respect, health and safety of persons served by this organization, with the aim of assisting them in achieving dignity, independence, self-esteem and improved quality of life.
    10.Provides to the office Manager/Benefits Coordinator information and data required for maintenance of a personnel record as required by law, including any changes in personal status.
    EVALUATION:  Performance of this job will be evaluated annually with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of employees.
    This is to confirm that I have been provided with all standards related to my employment at Rubicon and that my job description was discussed with me by my immediate supervisor and/or other appropriate personnel.  I understand all general and specific requirements for me to meet job expectations.
    Approved By:   ______________________________      Date _____________________
    Reviewed/Agreed to By:  ________________________ Date_____________________
    Hire Date:  _______________
    Annual Review Date ___________________ (Note:  Review may be conducted at the beginning of each fiscal year at discretion of the Supervisor.)
              Please send resume to Wendi Sutherlin at wsutherlin@rubiconsc.org.  
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