• Covid 19 Seating for Dine-In Customers

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    September 03, 2020

    Covid 19 Seating for Dine-In Customers

    Due to the space restrictions in our dining area and the spacing requirements from DHEC, we can only seat 5 people at each table. Parties larger than 5 people will have to split up over separate tables. We cannot pull tables together.

    We regret having to take these measures, but it was the only way to maximize our dining capacity at the 50% level and satisfy DHEC spacing regulations. DHEC recommended this rule during their virtual inspection as part of the Palmetto Priority Program. Failure to follow their guidelines could result in fines and/or closure of the restaurant.

    We appreciate your patience and your continued support of our business.

    Danny Watson, Musa Juma, Bryan Stewart
    Owners – Mayflower Seafood Restaurant of Darlington

    D. Watson
    billydwatson@gmail.com, (843) 393-9181