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  • About our Chamber

    The Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based business advocacy organization founded in 1910.  We work to provide a voice for local businesses, support economic development, and promote the vibrant and personal community that makes Hartsville appealing to businesses and residents.

    Mission :Our mission is to be a catalyst for community success through member support and advocacy. 



    Located in the center of town - The Center Theater, to be exact - the Hartsville Chamber has always been considered a hub of information for visitors, residents, and everybody in between. The chamber is proud to be a part of downtown Hartsville, and pleased to be in such a prime position to provide service as a welcome center.




    The chamber is here to do business! We support new, emerging, and existing businesses in Hartsville by providing resources, promotion, networking, and advocacy and both the local and state levels. Hartsville is constantly growing and expanding, and the chamber has kept their ribbon-cutting scissors sharpened!


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    The chamber often serves as a networking tool for both the business community and the non-business community. Events like the Business Expo (pictured at left) bring customers into contact with business owners, helping both parties find success. The chamber not only serves as a link between shop owners and their clientele, it also provides opportunities to form valuable business to business relationships.

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    The chamber is engaged in the education and development of Hartsville's future leaders. Through programs like Leadership Hartsville, the chamber is creating a networking of knowledge in tomorrow's business owners, board members, and community advocates. Other ways the chamber is involved with education include moderating the annual Education Forum and providing support to local schools and higher learning establishments.



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    These are just a few of the highlights; the chamber invites you to explore this site and learn more about how the chamber's mission and the programs it has in place to acheive that mission. There is a lot to learn about Hartsville, and a lot to learn about the Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce!