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  • 180 Days: Hartsville

  • 180 Days: Hartsville follows a year in the life of Rashon Johnson, a bright fifth grade student at West Hartsville Ele. as he begins to experience some behavioral issues. In addition to Rashon, the film features West Hartsville principal, Mrs. King, as she struggles in her first year in that role, balancing the needs of her school with those of the students. On the other side of town, at Thornwell School for the Arts, the documentary illustrates some of the same issues Mrs. King faces, although the principal, Julie Mahn, has been in her role for five years. Visit http://www.teachfoundation.org/ to learn more about what's being done for Hartsville's students.

    UPDATE: Watch the community's reaction and thoughts:

    After 180 Days: Hartsville/A Community Perspective from Catherine Romaine Henderson on Vimeo.

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