• Laser Treatment to Remove Cardiac Scar Tissue

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    January 27, 2023

    Laser Treatment to Remove 

    Cardiac Scar Tissue


    Implantable devices have been used for decades to treat heart disease -- saving or improving the quality of countless lives. These devices provide electrical stimulation to the heart to help maintain normal heart rate and/or rhythm for a heart that is diseased or damaged. 


    Implantable devices, which include pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators, are small generators that are placed under the skin in the left or right upper chest area. They are attached to small wires called leads that carry current back to the heart. 


    Pacemakers help control abnormal heart rhythm rates when it is too slow. They deliver small electrical impulses to stimulate the heart.


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    An electrophysiologist is a physician who specializes in evaluating the abnormalities of the heart's rhythm. 


    Dr. Cyrus Kocherla is one of three physicians at McLeod whose specialty is in the electrical system of the heart or electrophysiology, a study of the electrical impulses of the heart. 


    Dr. Kocherla is accepting new patients.


    Appointments with Dr. Kocherla at McLeod Cardiology Associates can be made by calling 843-667-1891.