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  • One Church Hartsville - Building Project Overview - Frequently Asked Questions

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    October 31, 2022

    Building Project Overview
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Building Project FAQ

    Q: What is the vision for this project?
    • One Church is committed to creating an environment un-churched and de-churched people love to come so they can encounter the life-changing message of Jesus.  We are also committed to creating a downtown space that is good for all of Hartsville. The campus will be called the For Hartsville Center.

    Q: Will this be a church building or a community space?
    • Both! The One Place Theater will be an amazing space with cutting edge technology that the whole community can enjoy for movie nights and other similar events, but it will be the permanent home for One Church’s weekly services and events. 

    Q: Is there enough parking? 
    • One of the huge advantages of this project is the parking availability without having to build and pay for any parking lots.  We would have 228 parking spots within a very short walking distance to One Place Theater and the Grow Building
      • Along Carolina Ave, the street in front of the theater, there are 70 parking spots. Two nearby city parking lots provide over 120 spots plus close to 40 parking spots located in business parking lots that will be available on Sundays.

    Q: Will there be plenty of room for children? 
    • Our children and teenagers will have their very own home!  Over 7,000 square feet designed with them in mind.  A place to play, learn, and grow created with safety as our highest priority. The GROW Building will give us more than enough space to connect with all our kids and teens in an environment that they will find irresistible.

    Q: What about a kitchen?
    • Our third building will serve as the One Church Headquarters.  It will include offices as well as small group space where adults can meet friends and build connections. The plans for this building will include a kitchen.

    Q: How much will it cost?
    • The total project cost will be around $2.5 million.

    Q: How much will we have to raise?
    • Our goal for the “For Hartsville” Capital Campaign is $500,000. Through the savings we have been able to accumulate already, we can purchase the buildings. The money raised in the capital campaign will make it possible for us to begin and complete the renovations necessary. 

    Q: Can we do that?
    • Yes! We believe that if every person who is part of One Church will give what they can, we will reach that goal!

    Q: How do I give? 
    • We are having a big day of giving on For Hartsville Sunday (November 20th). There are several ways to give. You will receive an envelope and insert with the following options:
    1. I have enclosed cash in the amount of $__________
    2. Enclosed is my check for $___________
    3. I donated $___________ online at onechurchhartsville.com (*see directions below)
    4. Please charge $_____________ to my credit card
    5. Contact me about a gift of stocks or properties
    (*To give online, go to our website (onechurchhartsville.com) and tap the “Give” link.  Then click the down arrow where it says “Tithe/General” and select “#For Hartsville.”)

    Q: How can I commemorate my gift?
    • We will give each person who contributes a way to permanently make their mark on our new facility in a very meaningful way.  One day you will be able to tell someone whose life has been changed by One Church that “Not only did a pray for you, I gave for you.”
    Jimmy Beck
    onechurchhartsville@gmail.com, (843) 307-3483