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  • Black Creek Arts Council - Paper Mache

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    March 16, 2023
    Starting next Tuesday morning!!
    Let’s make a paper mache mobile! Enjoy the peaceful movement of nature in your home or covered porch with a mobile of birds in flight. The birds can be painted a dark color to contrast like distant silhouettes in a clear sky, or painted a light color to layer a subtle texture over a light wall. We will use good ol’ sticks from the yard for our structure, and disappearing clear fishing line for the birds to truly look like they are flying.
    Week 1: We build five paper mâché birds in flight to assemble next week into a mobile.
    Week 2: We will paint them and hang them as an asymmetric mobile with branches and clear fishing line.
    DATE & TIME:
    March 21st & March 28th, 2023
    Tuesday from 9:30am-11:30am
    Week 1 only: $35
    Week 1+2 bundle: $60
    I am French Canadian, born and raised in Quebec, Canada. I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts. I also gained artistic experience through wood carving, furniture finishing school, and everything from building fiberglass airplane parts to making earrings and sewing.
    I moved to the Carolinas in 2005 and married rock star Zach Riner from GA in 2009. Our twin girls, Ruby and Ripley, were born in 2016. You might know my face from my 7 years of slinging coffee at the old Midnight Rooster (feels like a lifetime ago). You might know my husband’s face from his current brewing magic at Wild Heart.
    I am mildly obsessed with paper mache as a medium for sculpture. Most of my sketchbooks are also filled with watercolor abstracts and surface pattern designs, none of which are used commercially.
    Since the birth of our twin girls in 2016, I have realized that my #1 core value is connection. Feeling isolated in a culture that does not make spontaneous socializing easy for parents of young children has pushed me to care a lot about mental and emotional health. (Not to mention the recent isolation we have all felt collectively brought on by you-know-what.) I want to provide opportunities for connection in my own way through art. Workshops are a means to gather people around a table or out in nature.
    I also grew up watching my dad paint and draw relentlessly, and always knew my mom was a closet artist. Today I want my actions to show my girls that within motherhood, we should all make the most of our talents for our own enjoyment, which inevitably impacts everyone positively.
    I also feel a deep connection to nature; therefore, I prioritize sustainability in making art (use of found materials, biodegradable when possible).
    Black Creek Arts Council | 116 West College Ave, Hartsville, SC 29550
    Allison Pederson, Executive Director
    info@blackcreekarts.org, 8433326234