• One Church Hartsville - 5 Big Things You Should Know

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    August 31, 2022


    Click the image above to check out everything that is going on at OC with our August/September Calendar!
    God Doesn't Have Favorites!
    Learn How that Helps Us to Live Differently.
    Get Caught Up!
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    Letter To The Romans Series:

    Week 1
    Week 2

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    We are Asking You to Mark Your Calendar for these Six Sundays!

    For those who will go all-in on this series, we believe that you will be a different person by the time it's over, the kind of person who can change your family and community.
    Regular Study starts 
    Monday, September 12
    6:00 PM
    at The Nook (please use back door entrance)
    We will have our final meeting about a decision on a permanent home for One Church.
    We will share the details and let you tell us what you think about it.
    Sunday, September 11th 
    At the end of our regular
    Sunday Morning Service
    One Church 101 is for you!

    September 18th
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    at The Nook

    Supper Provided!

    Learn about One Church and opportunities to get involved. Also, we guarantee that you will leave with new friends from our One Church Family!

    Email Us Today To Sign Up!
    One Church This Week

    Wednesday, August 31
    OC Student Group
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    At The Nook (Please use backdoor entrance)

    Email for more information

    Thursday, September 1
    OC Hangout (20's and 30's Group)

    6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    Email for location information

    Sunday, September 4
    OC Kids Service
    10:30 AM at the YMCA 
    This week's lesson is on Genesis 4:1-18
    The Big Idea is "Joy Over Jealousy"
    Follow our One Kids Music on Spotify!

    One Church Kids 2022

    Worship Service
    10:30 AM at the YMCA 
    Follow us on Spotify to hear what we are listening to!

    What We are Listening to in 2022!

    Monday,  September 5
    Gandy Drive Group

    8:00 PM at The Nook (please use backdoor entrance)
    Email for more information


    Tuesday, September 6
    OC Men's Group
    7:15 PM at The Nook (Please use backdoor entrance)

    Email for more information

    Upcoming at OC:
    September 7 - OCYA starts back!
    September 8 - One Church Supper Club
    September 19 - S.T.A.R.S (60+)
    September 25 - New 3 Week Series "Stranger Things" Starts
    September 25 and October 2 - Speaking Class
    September 30 - Feeding HHS Band at Half-Time
    October 8 - Better Together "I Love this Town" Party
    October 23 and November 6 - Comeback Coach Class
    December 24 - Candlelight Service

    If you would like more information about any of these events, please email us here:

    One Church Hartsville

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    Jimmy Beck
    onechurchhartsville@gmail.com, (843) 307-3483