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  • Your move to Hartsville, South Carolina

    City Data & Demographics

    Once you know you're moving to Hartsville, South Carolina, the Greater Hartsville, SC Chamber of Commerce can assist you in making your move seamless.


    Duke Energy is the provider for electricity in our area. To establish service for a residential dwelling, sign up online. If you don't want an online account, call Duke Energy, 1-800-777-9898. 

    Water and sewer

    City residents
        • City of Hartsville
        • 133 W Carolina Ave
        • Hartsville, SC 29550
        • p: 843-383-3015
        • After hours emergencies: 843-678-3080
    Darlington County residents (outside of Hartsville, SC)
        • Darlington County Water And Sewer Authority
        • 1701 Harry Byrd Hwy
        • Darlington, SC 29532
        • p: 843-393-8131

    Trash pickup

    Residential sanitation services are provided Monday–Friday year round. Garbage and recycling containers are serviced once a week and should be placed curbside by 7am on your specified day of service. Yard debris collection routes typically run every 7 – 10 business days, except during leaf season. Leaves and pine straw should be separated from limbs. For more information on sanitation services from the City of Hartsville, please visit the City of Hartsville website, City of Hartsville Solid Waste Department, or call Environmental Services at 843-383-3019.

    Telephone and Cable

        • AT&T is one of our local phone and Internet providers for this area. To establish or move existing service, contact  them online: Residential service from AT&T or call: 888-757-6500, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-7:00pm EST, Saturday
    Time Warner Cable 
        • Time Warner Cable provides local cable, and also has local phone and Internet options. Visit them online, Time Warner Carolinas or go by the office
        • 1920 W. Bobo Newsome Hwy.
        • Hartsville, SC 29550
        • Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri from 8:30am-5pm Thurs from 9am-5pm
        • 1-800-TWCABLE (1-800-892-2253)

    Driver's licenses, car tags, car taxes, registration

    Start by visiting the SC Department of Motor Vehicles online Moving to South Carolina.
        • Darlington County Department of Motor Vehicles
        • 2200 East Bobo Newsome Hwy.
        • Hartsville, SC 29550
        • p: 843-332-4237

    Car registration in Darlington County

    To see what you need to register your car, visit Darlington County auditor vehicle registration. Or go to:
        • Rosa D. Hudson, Darlington County auditor
        • 1 Public Square, Room 205
        • Darlington, SC 29532
        • p: 843-398-4110

    Voter Registration

    The Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce has voter registration applications in the office. The Darlington County voter registration web site provides an excellent description of the voting procedures in our area, with links on how to register by mail or online plus a list of voting precincts in Hartsville.

    Public School Registration

    To register your children for public school in Hartsville, visit the Darlington County school district web site or call


    All family pets in Darlington County must have their rabies tags visible at all times, and must be remain on their owner's property. Failure to do display rabies tags can lead to a visit from Darlington County Animal Control. A copy of the ordinances (PDF) will answer any questions about the ordinances. There is no license at this time to register ownership of pets in this county. For more information or to report stray animals, call 843-398-4011.